Do you have family responsibilities and dependants who rely on your income? Is your total debt load more than 25% of your income? Meeting your loan payments without your income can cause financial stress for your whole family. Additional medical, childcare, or housekeeping costs can be an extra burden if your income is reduced due to accident or illness. Protect your savings with loan insurance.

Credit life, disability and critical illness insurance can protect you and your family from the unexpected.


Choice of life, disability, critical illness, or all.

  • Available for all joint parties and guarantors or co-signers
  • Premiums can be added to borrowed amount
  • Protects credit rating and security
  • Flexible choice of single or joint coverage
  • Convenient with benefits paid directly to NLCU on owners behalf


Credit Life Insurance


  • Maximum Coverage        $75,000.00
  • Maximum Term               120 months
  • Minimum Age                  18
  • Maximum Age                  69
  • Available to age 69 - expires on 71st birthday
  • All borrowers under age 70 qualify


Pre-Existing Conditions 

  • Loans with balances $10,000 or less pre-existing conditions are covered with no exclusions
  • Loans with balances greater than $10,000 are not covered if death occurs within first six months from loan date and results from a pre-existing condition. Death from other causes are covered. Pre-existing conditions are covered after six months.


Credit Disability Insurance


  • Maximum Monthly Coverage        $1000.00
  • Minimum Age                                18
  • Maximum Age                               59
  • Elimination Period                          60 Days
  • Maximum Benefits                         120 Months
  • Qualify prior to 60th birthday and only covered to your 65th birthday
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Must be working a minimum of 20 hours a week or for seasonal workers, capable of working
  • Maximum coverage is for all loans combined
  • Can be added at time of loan application or within first 60 days by paying premium in full  



Credit Critical Illness Insurance


  • Maximum Monthly Coverage        $75,000.00
  • Minimum Age                                18
  • Maximum Age                               55
  • Insured Impairments: Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer