Become an Member/Owner

Credit Union members are also owners. As a member, you receive the financial services you want at competitive rates and as an owner you have control of your own financial institution.

  • Being member-owned means you're our only focus, because you are our shareholders.
  • We strive to listen to your financial needs and develop products and services that will address those needs.
  • We welcome and encourage your input on any aspect of our Credit Union; decisions about the Credit Union are made by people who know your needs and listen to your issues, not by people thousand of miles away.

At iNova Credit Union we offer all the banking products and services you require, business solution tailored for your small business as well as a place where you, and your fellow members are the owners.

For more information about iNova Creidt Union we can be reached at 1(902)453-1145 or 1(800)665-1145 (NS only) or through our email